The Twilight Language Zone

Guest: Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman begins the discussion of his new book, Twilight Language, with an overview of Freemasonry beginning in the late 15th century Church of Rome, and delineates the role of the Jesuits; the master builders competition with the natural world; Cryptocracy, or rule by secrets keeping; the alchemical processing of humanity; the revelation of the method, or making manifest what is hidden; the meaning of twilight language; synchronicity; the coming transition from virtual reality to the metaverse; analysis of these mostly unknown concepts within their historical context looking at the occult imperium over the ages.

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faye grimm - June 21st, 2022 at 6:50am

I was going to sign up at soundcloud so I could enjoy the full audio file until I was not merely asked to reveal my gender ... and yes, I had the option not to say ... but why that matters let alone is is any business of an audio server is insulting and I would like to suggest you look for another platform that is not catering to wokeness.