How the CIA Corrupts the System

We discuss Douglas Valentine's new book, The CIA As Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World; crime and law enforcement become indistinguishable and employ the same tactics; former CIA liaison officer in Vietnam becomes the Chief of Staff of Homeland Security; good old boy network in the CIA; official secrecy and plausible deniability; the DEA federal drug law enforcement infiltrated by CIA; the two foundation stones of the Phoenix Program, i.e., the counter terror facet of armed propaganda teams and the interrogation centers; the involvement of the CIA, Corsican drug runners, South Vietnamese Generals in the drug trade in South East Asia. 
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olde reb - February 7th, 2017 at 11:47am

CIA: ULTIMATE MAFIOSI ??? Rarely, if ever, is it possible for a non-fiction writer to present a scenario of bloodcurdling brutality; of graft and homicidal maniacs inflicting wonton killing and torture; of mass annihilation of entire societies to satisfy economic greed; while relying upon braggadocio interviews from participating actors and presented in a style that would make aficionados of Edger Allen Poe turn green with envy. But Douglas Valentine has done it. With an unprecedented opportunity to interview agents of the CIA, and not be restricted by a secrecy oath, the evolution of the CIA method of operation initially developed in 1953 has been published as CIA %u2013 AS ORGANIZED CRIME. Douglas identifies 1953 as the originating date of the new methodology of creating civil dissent in a nation to foment a coup. That was the inspiration of Kermit Roosevelt, using British Petroleum employees, Iranian political dissidents and CIA funds, to overthrow Ayatollah Khomeini who was threatening to nationalize British Petroleum. Wall Street interests were thereby able to gain an economic interest in Iranian oil and control of a puppet Shah. Exploitation of Iran would continue. Douglas makes clear the development of the new method of operation. The methodology includes inducing internal strife and factionalizing dissident with the status quo. Funding of both sides is not uncommon. Random acts of brutality and killing will instill fear and submission. Brutal police home rule including torture would be essential. Deliberate lies to government officials are made as they see fit (ask Colin Powell). Overt invasions by foreign troops is replaced with infiltrated US special forces assisting local entities in %u201Chumanitarian%u201D relief. Douglas has difficulty identifying the capo di tutti capi (the boss of the bosses). He makes repeated references to the Establishment. Other writers have referred to a shadow government, or the elites, or the one percent. Is the ultimate force so concealed that it is not seen, or is there a concern about suicideing? The powers that be have been identified by David Talbot. In THE DEVIL'S CHESSBOARD he reveals the history of Allen Dulles relying upon his cronies on Wall Street for funding to create the CIA. Wall Street repeatedly sought policies that conflicted with the government. The secrecy of an intelligence agency could conceal their operations. Kermit's coup in Iran was merely repaying their investment. The master must be repaid. Gone are the days when a thinly disguised British war ship would be loaded with 500 tons of military explosives then filled with American passengers who were comforted by assurances from the US government of their safety. The Lusitania was stripped of naval escort and ordered to reduce speed and eliminate evasive maneuvering as it entered the enemy submarine infested area. It took more than a year for Wall Street to hype the US public to support World War One. To have failed would have bankrupt Wall Street from the loans to European nations that would have been voided by a Germany victory. Gone is the need of a $60 million price paid by Wall Street for the Bolshevik revolution with the prize of the Czar's largest hoard of gold in the world. A straw enemy to demand more military spending, controlled from Manhattan (according to a communist deflector), would no longer be necessary. Gone also was the need for FDR and Wall Street cronies to formulate a seven point agenda to economically oppress Japan. Japan was becoming too great a competition for US business. Their access to French oil in Indochina had to be eliminated. Japanese communication codes were broken. Pearl Harbor was not a surprise. The price of more than 3000 casualties at Pearl, and the thousands that followed, were insignificant to Wall Street. Ref. DAY OF DECEIT by Robert Stinnett. Kermit changed all of that. Now the CIA is a much more subtly way of inducing nations to satisfy Wall Street dictates---and the cost has been shifted to the taxpayers. John Perkins in CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN reveals how the CIA, through graft, lies, and intermediary companies, compel foreign nations to accept national debt which they are unable to service. Specific details of how Wall Street, the IMF and World Bank are used to rape nations is presented by Michel Chossudovsky in GLOBALIZATION OF POVERTY. Foreign nations that will not self-destroy by accepting debt will be overthrown by Wall Street using the CIA and the US military. Panama offers a concise example. Torrijos ran up a debt to Wall Street bankers of over $1.6 billion which was beyond their possibility of servicing. He was able to negotiate a treaty with the US to return sovereignty of the canal zone to Panama. The US would pay Panama for the price of the canal in return for favorable banking laws, but the funds would be seized by the Wall Street banks. The US taxpayers would pay for the loans. Torrijos would die in an airplane explosion. Finger pointing included the CIA as the culprit. Noriega, who had been second-in-command, was responsible for facilitating the CIA's drug trafficking. When he convened a meeting of central American nations to resist CIA oppression, Panama was attacked by US bombardment killing thousands of Panamanians. Noriega is now in US prison for drug trafficking. The CIA demonstrated to the world the price of disloyalty. Ref. Castro, Qaddafi, bin Laden, Hussein, and Somoza were each CIA assets who allowed nationalistic sympathies to interfere with CIA demands. But the nefarious activities of the CIA are not limited to involvement in foreign nations. President Eisenhower had grounded the CIA's U-2 flights as the Paris Peace talks with Khrushchev loomed. The CIA countermanded the order and sent Gary Powers on a sabotaged trans-USSR flight to thwart the peace talks. Wall Street cannot accept peace. Ref. Fletcher Prouty, JFK AND THE CIA. Fletcher also reveals how the CIA countermanded JFK's order for protective air cover at the Bay of Pigs. Allen Dulles wanted a full scale US military invasion. JFK took the rap for the failed invasion and threatened to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces. The assassination of JFK (and MLK) by the CIA is well documented (by other than the Wall Street controlled MSM). Ref. PLAUSIBLE DENIAL by Mark Lane; ACT OF TREASON by John Groden; JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE by James Douglass; HIGH TREASON by Mark North; and others. Richard Nixon dared to close the CIA school at Leadville, Colorado which was training Tibetans to invade China. The frame-up with a deliberately sabotaged Watergate CIA break-in included CIA controlled secret tapes that were corrupted by expunging exculpatory evidence. Nixon got his pay-back. Nixon even had the audacity to oppose a trade treaty which infuriated David Rockefeller%u2014after David had been nice enough to put Nixon in office. Jimmy Carter fired 600 CIA agents and the fired agents' orchestrated result is detailed in OCTOBER SURPRISE by Barbara Honegger to make sure he was not reelected. Wall Street bankrupt his peanut business. For those who view the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Centers as a false flag Wall Street act for greed (Ref., the analysis of the avionics by Rebekah Roth in METHODICAL ILLUSION would appear to be something only the CIA has the where-with-all to accomplish. However, if you assist the CIA by running drugs and illegal military weapons through Arkansas, you can become President and receive lavish foundation donations, profuse book royalties, and overly-funded speaking engagements from Wall Street entities. Also, if your parents and grandparents were faithful CIA agents you can become President without a birth certificate and can use a Social Security number issued in Connecticut even if you never lived there. Being a retired CIA Director can be helpful also. But the perfidious acts%u2014qualifying for current indictments%u2014of Wall Street extend much further back than 1947. But that is another story. The conclusion of Douglas is most ominous. The same pattern of societial destruction the CIA has imposed in the Mideast (and the third world) is being formulated in the United States. Greg Palast writes that internal Wall Street memos have the same objective. Ref. If there is no change in the current flow of events, the future is bleak.