What Happened to JFK?

Guest: James Fetzer

Quick recap of the 2017 JFK Assassination Conference in Dallas; Bethesda autopsy photographs not of JFK; Oswald framed; Warren Commission Report a sham; shooting of J. D. Tippet; Oswald photo with Mannlicher Carcano staged; analysis of Altgens-6 photograph taken by AP photographer shows Lee Oswald in ground floor book depository doorway as presidential motorcade passes; E. Howard Hunt identified eight central figures in the conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy; Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz, in New Orleans in front of the Trade Mart while Oswald was handing out pamphlets; Rafael Cruz on Main Street in Dallas with Antonio Veciana of Alpha 66; Lyndon Johnson the pivotal player in the JFK assassination; Bobby Baker declared JFK would not live out his first term and would die a violent death; two plots were exposed; U2 over-flights; Oswald's defection to the USSR; Michael and Ruth Paine; Oswald sheep dipped as pro-Castro communist sympathizer; Oswald working as paid FBI informant; Bay of Pigs Invasion a bait and switch; reasons behind JFK assassination; CIA a rogue agency; Assad of Syria; 9/11; ISIS created by Defense Intelligence Agency in 2012 with support of DCI John Brennan, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, President; head of DIA, Michael Flynn, opposed creation of ISIS and was fired by Obama; CIA owns everyone of significance in the media; Zapruder film. 

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