Resisting Totalitarianism: The Power of the Powerless

Guest: Dr. Michael Rectenwald

Post-totalitarianism; academic freedom v self-censorship and the elimination of free speech; post-modernist theory and social justice; traditional social justice v its current incarnation; characteristics of Stalinism and Maoism; revocation of the rights of speech and association; elimination of property rights; intersectionality or vectors of oppression in the social justice ranking system; challenge to individual rights; subjective truth backed by power; nihilism regarding objectivity; Repressive Tolerance essay by Marcuse; classical liberalism v left totalitarianism; capitalists supporting socialism because they’re monopolists; socialism on the ground and corporate oligarchy at the top; the left an unwitting foot soldier of the corporate globalists; ownership of goods and people; dissidents; the aims of life; living within the truth.

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