The Broader Global Crisis

Guest: Michel Chossudovsky

In this “big picture” interview, Michel Chossudovsky concentrates on the broader global crisis including North and South Korea; the 2001 Nuclear Posture Review overhauling US nuclear doctrine, tactical nukes reclassified as conventional; horrors of the Korean War; Korean reunification; sanctions and naval blockade of Qatar; Qatari and Iranian jointly owned natural gas fields the largest worldwide; pipelines; Turkey in Qatar; major realignments of the Middle East chessboard; NATO member Turkey purchases Russian S-300 Defense System; re-drawn map of Syria and “Free Kurdistan”; crosscutting coalitions; Russia; China; India and Pakistan join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization signaling a major geopolitical shift; destabilization of Venezuela; Venezuela has largest oil reserves worldwide; breakdown in relations between Cuba and Venezuela; the same foundations funding the opposition in Venezuela are funding intellectuals in Cuba; effects of dual currency systems.


Justin Stark - August 25th, 2017 at 5:59pm

I 'm No longer sure about this Guy; but I will Listen.

Gary Peter Carlson - August 29th, 2017 at 8:33am

Most people blame the government or the system for what is going wrong. What's really wrong is the top people in government, industry and media aren't Human. I run the website and I have a special skill in reading souls. The real you is your soul, not your body. These people I'm talking about have a Human body and a soul from a different group and it's a lesser soul. I call it a low soul cause it don't have empathy for others and is prone to evil. They plan to enslave Humanity with hardly firing a shot. For about 5 years now, I've been getting that these low soul people are in positions of power and now a book comes out to back me up , one can read it for free as an e-book in just 2 or 3 hours as it's short. To get in touch with your soul, stand up straight with your hands at your side and make the statement "I have a soul" you should feel yourself leaning forward cause it's true. Now make the statement "there is no God" you should feel yourself leaning backwards cause it's false. So now make the statement "non Humans are taking over Humanity" after you feel yourself leaning forward cause it's true, tell others so we can get this stopped.

Tom Herzog - September 16th, 2017 at 3:33pm

Bonnie Faulkner! You, YOU and what you do are a profound asset to, not America, but what America used to be: a free and open society. God speed to you; with your diligence we may, someday, somehow, get this country back again!