Scapegoating Germany

Guest: James Bacque

James Bacque discusses his in-depth research into the fate of the many millions of German citizens who went missing or died from intentional starvation after the end of World War Two, detailed in his second book on post-war Germany, Crimes and Mercies – The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation 1944 to 1950; Potsdam Protocol the formal declaration of intent to destroy Germans and Germany; the forced expulsion of 15 million Germans as starving, penniless refugees from their ancestral lands in Germany’s eastern provinces; Germany loses one third of her pre-war territory; Marshall Plan a fraud; Herbert Hoover and others’ humanitarian efforts stave off famine worldwide; Britain plotting the destruction of Germany since 1895; human rights denied to all Germans.


Joseph - June 15th, 2019 at 12:16am

So how is that Germany is the richest and most powerful country in Europe? And how is it that the Luftwaffe was allowed to bomb Europeans. Again? Germany has recovered quite nicely. Their victims in WW I and WWll? Not so much.....

ross - June 26th, 2019 at 12:46am

Germany s defense offense budget was taken over by the occupation forces. Private enterprise reinvested huge time in industry. It was a profitable place to invest and the core industries were still there including sufficient trained folk who went back to work. The birth of the EEC also brought benefits as the benelux nations worked together to rebuild a devastated europe , thus germany rebuilt (and so did east germany in parallel ) What has been discussed above in great detail I have been acutely aware of for decades but never got the opportunity to connect the dots until I delved deep into german history. The above is there and documented in indirect ways. Many german academics said to me that they cant speak out and it is the outsiders who can to reveal the other side of the evil so imparted onto the german citizen post the european war... eg Ilya Ehrenburg drove the poorly educated soviets to committ horrendous atrocities against the survivors. eg Nemmersdorf . Be advised if you or any decide to view the fotos and vids they are deeply deeply disturbing..... and the so called British french US troops were guilty of atrocities too. War is ugly as it allows the evil within many people to come to the surface...

Karen - September 13th, 2019 at 8:23pm

My father joined American occupation forces in Germany in 1951; the officers were very upset about what Eisenhower had done to German soldiers. An American military magazine around that time -- probably by mid 1950s -- told the story about Ike's crimes. Historians like Gerry Docherty are now documenting how it was Germany that was victimized by Britain's intent to utterly destroy it from 1905 onwards; future histories should show that it was Germany that was the victim throughout this past century. It must have paid well over $100 Billion to the Jewish community since WW II and is continuing to pay. How is it that the list of Holocaust "victims" has been increasing, along with Israel's demands for reparations of all sorts -- political support as well as weaponry? The saddest part of all is the effect of occupiers'/victor's propaganda, which has brainwashed Germans into believing the lies about their history. And the victimization of truth-tellers and historians of integrity with the courage to speak out.