March for Our Lives: What You Need to Know

Guest: James Fetzer

Mass media report shootings at high school in Parkland, Florida as a St. Valentines Day Massacre; three different kinds of impossibilities that make something untrue are examined: logical impossibilities, physical impossibilities, and technological impossibilities; March for Our Lives as a well orchestrated voter registration drive DNC campaign event in relation to the midterm elections to change the narrative from the collapse of the Russia hacking meme; Uranium One scandal; Imran Awan scandal; elaborately staged production of March for Our Lives indicates prior knowledge; extensively funded demonstration; Sandy Hook improbabilities; global demonstrations for US gun control; studies show inverse relationship between high gun ownership and high homicide rates; use of simunition instead of high velocity AR-15 bullets thesis; sheriff of Broward County; University of Hawaii Demicide Project demonstrates that there were 19 genocides in the 20th century, each of which was preceded by gun confiscation; attack on 1st and 2nd Amendments; 100 officials with CNN are dual US/Israeli citizens; interference in elections by Israel; coroner of Broward County; death of Saddam Hussein deception; Secret Service changed security protocols ahead of event; active shooter drill; eye witness reports of multiple shooters; Nicholas Cruz was on watch list; Hogg's father an FBI Crisis Management Specialist; FBI responded, not law enforcement.

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