Fingerprints Of Election Theft

Three different ways of rigging elections: voter fraud, voter suppression and computerized election theft; are exit polls reliable; adjusted exit polls; presidential primaries of both parties; caucus versus primary results in the democratic primary; exit poll versus vote count disparity; the two Dakotas; democratic exit polling cancelled in many states; consortium that conducts exit polls; two types of computerized vote rigging: pre-set and real time manipulations; Help America Vote Act; optical scanners; whistleblowers; Dominion and ES&F; programming sub-contractors; election administrators; 2016 presidential election exit poll versus vote count comparison. 

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clodia - December 28th, 2016 at 4:50pm

Well this obviously partisan guy ended up being flat-out wrong after it was uncovered that all three recount states revealed the same phenomena; namely that the Democrats cheated like hell in all of the urban Democratic strongholds.