Behind the Brexit: The British Oligarchy's Deal With China

Great Britain votes to leave the European Union; the coalition that put Brexit together; strategic and financial alliance with China; the Renminbi; the British people lose out; the euro dollar market; the Asian International Infrastructure Bank; British oligarchy; plebiscites and referenda; no British constitution; the coming chaos. 
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Thomas Herzog - July 19th, 2016 at 12:57pm

Ms Faulkner is truly a national treasure; she seeks out and astutely interviews guests (letting them do the bulk of the talking) that the main stream media will not touch with the proverbial ten foot pole. If one wishes to understand what is really going on in the world, one could do none better than to pay attention to Guns and Butter.

Lapp1987 - July 21st, 2016 at 4:14pm

1. Web-weaver Tar-and-feather-me is *not* qualified to pass on the British Constitution. Britain *does* have a "written" consititution, it happens to be contained in several enactments as well as in the so-called unwritten sources as custom, the common law &c. A 'suitably' liberal specialist legal commentator such as Professor Philippe Sands no doubt can be called on for corroboration and correction. Conversely, so WT would aver, the US does have a "written" Constitution. So how has that enabled retention of the ideals of the Republic when the Supreme Court has been packed with justices unrepresentative of the ethnic composition of the country and seemingly intent on a course inimical to their interests? Another 'living document' perhaps? 2. we are already quite well aware that Brexit is plausibly plan B for erasure of national identity and the accomplishment of World Government. In the UK in the early 1960s there was even open acknowledgement in the form of a "Parliamentary Group of MPs for World Government" (Dance: History the Betrayer, 2nd ed. 1964). We also noticed that TTIP figured not in the UK Referendum addresses. We know that links to the Commonwealth will be strengthened with a view to attenuating the British indigenous population further - unless resisted. And resistance there will be: the survival genes are starting to kick in. A small concentration of those who have had their mouths stuffed with gold was outvoted fair and square; and this despite the expectation of a sympathy swing for Remain following the most curious episode involving (the late) Jo Cox MP 3. WT's constant incantation of "racist, xenophobic" in relation to the British for committing the sin (in his orientalid eyes) of resisting their genocide by absorption into a rootless, racial grab-bag of people having nothing in common except money (their wish for it) and acute indigence (their true expectancy) is tiresome and infantile. These neural disruptors just don't work any more. Perhaps he should take a trip to Israel and make the same assertions to the Jewish population and see what response he provokes. TW's stream of consciousness flowed here unabated. A corrective is surely needed. Sands might be the starting point - at least as regards the dry technicalities of just what is the British Constitution.

hoydella1243 - December 28th, 2016 at 8:08pm

Sorry, but this guy doesn't have a clue about Brexit. People voted for it because Brussels is so damned corrupt and opaque; manufacturing jobs were lost after we entered the EU, and frankly (as even he mentioned in his interview), we DO have a big immigration problem we need to stem, not for 'racist' reasons, but because we have a serious housing problem. I write this in December, and so far, Calais hasn't sent all the refugees to the UK as he predicted; the NHS is still plodding along as always. And he seriously quotes the Sun as a reliable news source? I could go on and on with the critiques....