Deconstructing False Flag Terror

Guest:  Dr. Kevin J. Barrett
The official narrative or story of September 11th created the public myth of Muslims attacking the United States, that then justified the Long War, the war that will not end in our lifetime, The War on Terror.  Maintaining the myth of 9/11 is accomplished by creating or publicizing smaller events, including pre-and post 9/11 false flag terror such as the 1993 WTC Bombing; African Embassy Bombings in Dar es Salaam & Nairobi; 2000 USS Cole Attack; 9/11 & Anthrax; bombings in Bali; Madrid trains; London Metro; Mumbai; Fort Hood Shooter; Christmas Underpants Bomber; Boston Marathon, etc.
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Donna Neumann - July 29th, 2015 at 10:55pm

I am concerned that I have not heard of any mention of geoengineering aka chem trails on the station. Perhaps I have missed the coverage. It is the elephant in the room about climate change! Please look at this site based in Redding. Dane Wiginton who has the site might even be available for an interview. This is a topic no one wants to touch.. the powers that be don't want it to come out. You there seem not to be afraid of controversy. After 40 years in SF I now live in Santa Fe but come back every year to see family and pledge to the station. I am inspired to write you after a conversation with my daughter (born and raised in SF) won't listen to me about this saying there is no mention on KPFA which she has grown up with. Dane has evidence that the CA drought is manufactured. I was upset to see what has happened in just the last year as far as so much visible spraying. Please please go to that site and learn for yourself. There in no more dire environmental issue today. Please give me some response to this!