The Electrical Nature of the Cosmos

The commonly accepted gravity model of the universe is discussed and contrasted with electric universe theory.  Red Shift is analyzed; Kristian Birkeland and Birkeland Currents; Nobel winner Hannes Alfven and plasma physics; how stars are formed; principles of electric universe theory; Safire Project; the sun; neutrinos.

Bonus material: Brown Dwarfs; the Rosetta Mission; Venus was a comet; gravity not a constant; mass is an electric variable; information coming back from space confirms electric universe model; real cosmology has no exceptions.
Guest:  Wallace Thornhill

Some helpful links and resources:The first track is the longer segment aired on the radio. The second one is bonus material not able to be aired.
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Ray McCrea - July 9th, 2015 at 1:51am

Thanks Bonnie for the great interview. I met you at the Electric Universe Conference.