Vaccines are inherently risky; mandatory vaccination violates human rights and medical ethics

From Ethan A. Huff at Natural News
(NaturalNews) Freedom isn't really freedom unless it applies to everyone. And the recent push to eliminate vaccine exemptions across the country and force every child who attends public school to be vaccinated is a perfect example of freedom shrugged, as it violates not only the American Medical Association's (AMA) Code of Medical Ethics, but also the basic human right of every person to accept or reject medical treatment at will.

The fact of the matter is that vaccines aren't 100% safe and effective, no matter what anyone says. Vaccine package inserts openly admit this; the federal government quietly admits this in its vaccine safety data sheets; and every doctor, if shown the data and pressed on the issue, would also be forced to admit this. But for some reason, the mainstream media, "angry moms" and others have chosen to deny the facts, rejecting sound science, lying to the public and ultimately putting public health at risk.

To combat this wave of tyranny sweeping the once-free states of our republic, natural living advocate Larry Cook, founder and director of the Stop Mandatory Vaccination Project, has issued an immediate call to action. Right now in places like California and Oklahoma, legislators are pushing to eliminate vaccine exemptions for personal, philosophical and religious reasons, allowing only doctors to decide whether or not a child should be vaccinated. This is unacceptable, and it needs to be stopped.
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Nicky - June 24th, 2015 at 5:07pm

Thank you!!!!

Suzanne Matthews - September 26th, 2015 at 8:39am

All vaccines are BAD!!!! Read The Poisoned Needle, Vaccination Condemned, A Shot in the Dark, What Vets Don't Tell You About vaccines! Slaughter of the Innocent, The Facts About Compulsory Vaccinations. Wake up your homework!!!!!!!! It's your body!