Guns and Butter Uncensored: An interview with Gary Null, Ph.D. on Vaccines and SB277 - Part Two

Almost a month ago, Guns and Butter was censored when trying to have Gary Null, Ph. D. on air live to discuss the issue of vaccines and specifically SB277. This is the California State Senate bill that will remove all religious and philosophical exemptions from parents of children attending public or private school. It will essentially mandate vaccinations for all children under the current California schedule and force parents to choose between vaccinating their kids, homeschooling or moving out of state.

Unfortunately, KPFA listeners were denied the opportunity to hear the facts and information about vaccines including safety, efficacy, legal issues and the corruption and collusion of the pharmaceutical industry, politicians, government officials and the media. Guns and Butter cannot and will not be censored by KPFA or anyone else.  The interview was conducted by Bonnie Faulkner and Gary shares with us his incredible knowledge of this subject that is not to be missed.

Vaccines:  What You Are Not Being Told - Part Two is the second hour of this two-hour interview and is now available for listening or download.  Bonnie and Gary Null Ph.D. cover legal issues and the corruption and collusion of the media, pharmaceutical industry, politicians and government officials. Gary details how politicians are in violation of state law by accepting money from the vaccine manufacturers and voting on laws that not only benefit these same companies but also strip away the rights of parents to make informed medical decisions for their children.  SB 792, in the legislative pipeline, will eliminate an adult’s right of exemption from some or all vaccines is also discussed.

Be sure to also read Gary's response to Laura Prives, Program Director at KPFA regarding the censorship of Guns and Butter.

Below are some helpful links and resources (those not included in the Part One blog are listed at the top):
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