Hundreds Claim Swine Flu Vaccine Injury From 2009 Push

From Sharyl Attkisson at
An investigation I conducted in 2009 revealed that the H1N1 swine flu epidemic was far less than the U.S. government had made it out to be. I exclusively obtained lab test results from 50 states when the Centers for Disease Control refused to produce them. The results showed that most of the supposed cases of swine flu were not swine flu at all. In fact, they weren’t any type of flu.

That reality makes it all the more difficult for those who were brain damaged by the vaccine they took to try to prevent swine flu.

The British press reported in March of 2014 that UK patients who suffered brain damage after swine flu vaccination were to receive multi-million pound payouts from the government–which means taxpayers. Why are taxpayers footing the bill instead of the maker of the vaccine, GlaxoSmithKline? Under a similar arrangement that vaccine makers have in the U.S., GlaxoSmithKline would only agree to supply the vaccine if it was indemnified against any claim for any resulting injuries.
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