Revolutionary Yemen Faces Wall Street-Saudi Attack

From Caleb Maupin at New Eastern Outlook
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most repressive regimes on earth. The regime does not bother to hold fraudulent elections, or even pretend to be in any way democratic or respecting of human rights. The king is the absolute dictator, and the country and everything in it is considered his property.

The rule of the Saudi monarchy is enforced with brutal repression. Beheadings occur on an almost daily basis. Flogging, torture, imprisonment without charges, and other extreme violations of basic human rights are considered routine. People are executed for crimes like “insulting the king” or “sorcery.” The Saudi kingdom is ruled by a circle of wealthy people who live through the exploitation of both impoverished Saudis and guest workers from other countries. Poor people from throughout the region are brutally exploited in the Saudi oil fields. Their wages are sometimes as low as pennies per hour.

While the politicians who lead the United States love to call themselves “champions of democracy,” they are absolute, unapologetic backers of the repressive Saudi monarchy. The Saudi regime functions as a vassal of US and British oil corporations. Saudi Arabia is now the fourth-largest weapons purchaser in the world. Its weapons are purchased exclusively from the United States.
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