6 days ago
"Looking Into 2018" with The Saker, 9:00AM, Wednesday, January 17th, 99.5FM @WBAI Transcript at……
2 weeks ago
"Looking Into 2018" with The Saker, 1:00PM, Wednesday, January 10th, 94.1FM @kpfa…
2 weeks ago
"Solar Grand Minimums, Magnetic Reversals and Ice Ages" with Ben Davidson, 9AM EST, Wednesday, January 10th, 99.5FM……
3 weeks ago
"Solar Grand Minimums, Magnetic Reversals and Ice Ages" with Ben Davidson, 1:00PM, Wednesday, January 3rd, 94.1FM……
Dec 26, 2017
"The Post-Political Condition" with Gilad Atzmon, Wednesday, December 27th, 9:00AM, 95.5FM @WBAI New York City…

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Latest Broadcast

What Way Forward for Pacifica?
Guest: Grace Aaron
Pacifica National Board member, Grace Aaron, explains the historical context in which the present Pacifica financial crisis is taking place; the lawsuit filed against Pacifica by Empire State Realty Trust; summary judgment against Pacifica; signal swap or sale details; Pacifica's total debt versus its total assets; two ways forward, i.e., loans or bankruptcy; Pacifica National Board votes to authorize the loan option; how the loan option does not constitute additional debt; how loans are secured; the bankruptcy option, pluses and minuses; bankruptcy committee of creditors; Pacifica hires a turnaround Interim Executive Director; Pacifica National behind in audits; loss of Corporation for Public Broadcasting funds; Pacifica's non-profit status at risk; long-term solutions to strengthen the Pacifica Network.

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Prior Broadcasts

Looking Into 2018
Guest: The Saker

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