1 week ago
The New CDC Rules: Medical Surveillance? with Attorney Greg Glaser.……
2 weeks ago
"Fingerprints of Election Theft" with Jonathan Simon……
Nov 3, 2016
"Political Crisis in the United States" with Michel Chossudovsky… WSJ reports Clinton briber……
Nov 1, 2016
"Recent False Flags" with Dr. Kevin Barrett, Common Traits of FF (Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Paris, Nice, Munich……
Oct 19, 2016
Kevin Barrett Banned in Berkeley! The BFUU Board banned him. Zionist complaints. New venue: Redwood Gardens, 2951……

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Latest Broadcast

The New CDC Rules: Medical Surveillance?
Guest: Greg Glaser
The Center for Disease Control’s proposed new rules, when implemented, will constitute an expansion of federal powers under the Federal Public Health Service Act; the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution; The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, elements of which have been adopted by many states; National Health Freedom Action; the ACLU; the Pandemic Response Project; the World Health Organization; hospital public/private partnerships; the US Emergency Preparedness Policy that involves the Strategic National Stockpile; human micro-chipping; Dr. Richard Pan sponsoring The Children’s Bill of Rights in California; the primary battleground over health freedom is in the legislatures.

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Prior Broadcasts

Fingerprints Of Election Theft
Guest: Jonathan Simon

Three different ways of rigging elections: voter fraud, voter suppression and computerized election theft; are exit polls reliable; adjusted exit polls; presidential primaries of both parties; caucus versus primary results in the democratic primary; exit poll versus vote count disparity; the two Dakotas; democratic exit polling cancelled in many states; consortium that conducts exit polls; two types of computerized vote rigging: pre-set and real time manipulations; Help America Vote Act; optical scanners; whistleblowers; Dominion and ES&F; programming sub-contractors; election administrators; 2016 presidential election exit poll versus vote count comparison. 

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