Global Warfare: Is the US/NATO Going to Attack Russia?
Posted on June 16th, 2016

The significance of Anaconda 2016, NATO's massive war games underway in Eastern Europe; global warfare and non-conventional warfare; Iran and the Middle East; nuclear weapons reclassified for conventional use; the Oded Yinon Plan for greater Israel; the structure of military alliances an instrument of conquest; the strategic alliance between Russia and China within a larger global geopolitical framework; the criminalization of high office.

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Jerry - June 17th, 2016 at 6:24 PM
Guest suggestion: Benjamin Ferencz is 96 years old and the last surviving prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials. He is still very sharp, and has been a leader for decades in calling for universal jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court to end impunity for war crimes and crimes against humanity. His ideas represent common sense, and, evidenced by this interview, urgent and timely. Mr. Ferencz's website is, the information there free for any person to use as he/she wishes - even up to "plagiarizing" - according to Mr. Ferencz.

The dangerous situation today combined with historical experience where millions of lives have been shattered because of non-prosecuted actions of war criminals make Mr. Ferencz a powerful potential guest. It would be interesting to hear his opinion on a possible United Nations reform making it mandatory for UN member states to choose agreement on joining the ICC or face forced expulsion from the international organization. Even the United States, one of the nations still not under ICC jurisdiction, would understand the negative consequences from leaving the UN because it wanted to continue making wars of aggression with impunity - in particular loss of reputation around the Earth and economic losses. Such a reform at the UN once established offers humanity its best chance for minimizing or virtually ending war. As Mr. Ferencz says, "Law Not War".
Mark T - August 25th, 2016 at 4:25 PM
If only we could trust the UN. But it appears about the only thing the UN is really good at is supervising genocides in Africa.

Recall the "Oil for Food" program supposedly for the benefit of Iraqi children? It was milked by the usual gaggle of hangers-on (including Kofi Annan's son) while the regime went on its way.

I think the only real hope for change could come from a new "conscious consumerism". The people who enrich the 1%rs at Apple and the like apparently don't care a whit what an atrocity exhibition China is, whether in it's treatment of the indigenous Muslim Uighurs, Tibetans, Falun Gong, or even the Christians who don't seem to be trying to overthrow anything. Probably the corporate brainwashing news has a lot to do with this but the peculiarity of a "higher education" system with a massive left-ward bias and just as massive a blind spot about human rights in China is just as important. And these operators can be found wailing about "Islamophobia"? They don't seem too interested in getting MLK's speech on Racism, Militarism. and Consumerism in front of the students either. Some web searches for those that don't recognize these terms
Ilham Tohti
Lu Xiaobo
Oh, and evidence that China is affecting our weather, now.
(Seems to have escaped the notice of the Clintons, Gores, and Steyers).

Conscious consumerism. Give it some thought. Visit the site of Catherine Austin Fitts, one of the clearest thinkers on these matters in the world today. (read the module on stocks and money linked there-- It's revelatory, and you won't ever see it on CNN!

Goran Lompar - November 13th, 2017 at 6:23 AM
The USA is playing dangerous game with the Russian Bear by sending its ships to Russian shores. Russia in its turn responds hard

Accident with American ship will immediately trigger WWIII just like it happened in 1898 when the USA declared war on Spain after the USS Maine sunk in Havana Harbor. The scenario was repeated in 1964. So called The Gulf of Tonkin incident led to direct engagement of American troops in Vietnam war.

The Hawks want the war. NATO soldiers will be cannon fodder, Europe will turn into the battlefield. And then American heroes will come to save the world again. Do we the Europeans want this future?
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